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Friday, May 29, 2009

Believing in your Dreams

In one forwarded email; I came across one good article on "Believing in your dreams".
By seeing the background image, I recalled my friend Ankita, who gave me one greeting card on my birthday on 1997.
It was quoted with "Our destiney is in our own hand". On turning point of my career, that card always helped me to motivate my self in each and every stage in life then.

Here, Just want to have collection of such good things in my dairy (blog), I am mentioning main points here.

This is written by Marcia Wieder.

Part I:
Believing in your dreams
1) Never neutral
2) The Big Three
3) The BUT Theory
4) Dealing with Dought
5) It's a choice
6) Overcoming Fear
7) The Challenge of Change
8) The impossible dream
9) Creating a new belief

Part II:
Tapping your inner wisdom
1) Believe Anything is possible
2) Connect to your intuition

3) Ask simple questions
4) Experience New Ways of being
5) Appreciate your Abundance
6) Open your spirit
7) Share your gift with others
8) Let your intuition guide you
9) Trust your self
10) Insights

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