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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


On my birthday yesterday. Yes, first time I was out of India. No Derasar nothing...One Mandir is there which is far away; so will go there on weekend. (first time in my life on my birthday I missed to go to Derasar.
Rest, I did 2 Samayik yesterday. and will do one daily now.
I recalled all kids of parikrama and Prayed for all of them for their bright future.
Prayed for who ever I know that they are stuck somewhere in their life. Remembered maximum people came across in my life. recalled thier good things and deeds and their contribution to the society.
Recalled people Whom I never ever met but still thier thoughts and deed attracted me; I prayed for them as well.
In short yesterday I came more close to my self. did lot's of chintan+manan.
Read couple of things. Observed my self closely about pre married life and post married life. overall whole day was very busy with my self.

I guess vision for life is different at different time and in different situation. (at different age)

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