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Friday, January 26, 2007

Do you believe in Horoscope?

This article I wrote when I was in college , 5th sem (2001), I wrote so many things in gujarati, my best friend mudra liked this article very much in gujarati, so I translated it in English.....
Bhajman Uncle has posted my original Guajarati article on his blog. I am honoured for the same.
Here you can read in Gujrati on Vartalap.Vartalap- આપ શું વિચારો છો ? - જન્માક્ષરમાં માનો છો?
About; Horoscope stuff.
Well, there are two separate logics as per my mind observed upto now.
As usual my basic nature is do start to understand something abstruse, recondite things from different and unique aspects. This is pure of my origin only[observation].

Logic 1:
As if think practically it is always difficult to digest by my own that the fight about 9 planets in our galaxy with human beings on earth.
The concept is all about STORY OF FUN and the WEAKNESS OF HUMAN BEINGS MIND WORKS.
There is a concept that all planets are moving around the SUN with individual’s own bound axis. Right? Now guess the concept from where this astrology invented.
As we all know there is not a single human being in this world who do not have any problem. So, as a psychology of human nature from some where he started to find out the reason behind it. And without any specific proof always these rest of the 8/11 planets has to suffer different kind of process "vidhi" as a state of weakness of human being.
How funny concept!!!
I think poor planets!!! How & why any planate should harm our life?
Can you imagine a Game : 8/11 planet vs. 6million people on earth.
Take one example if I have one enemy , if I have been revenge with him/her it can happen that person I may find out somewhere as an obstacle. But how it can be possible that poor 8/11 planet can have revenge with 6 million of human being on this earth?
Is it possible?
If yes,
Then, how?
How these 8/11 planets are manage and do work together that individual can think that it must have to be an obstacle in someone’s life? If these 8/11 plantes can have revenge with an earth and they decided to fight against with earth, then is it possible that they only try to become an obstacle for only human beings?
What about rest of the creatures /animals on the earth?
Are these planets think that human beings are CREDULOUS. Is it so?
Then why we never find that animals have to also suffer from revenge of 8/11 planets?
How funny it sound!!!
So, the thing is we human being have to think practically, that rather to blame/defame someone or these planets(and to follow BLINDLY the Horoscope calculation) for our defeats we must have to develop the attitude to remain happy always and have to enjoy the chance and the work assign to us.
As if we may not be able to make our life more and more successful and perfect always,
we can take steps that not to make miserable at least our life. What our duty says? There is nothing can be more than that of Responsibility. We at least not to be behave as a craven. Right?

Logic 2:
As if now if calculate the effect of vibrations and maths about for our Galaxy there we can assign 3 states of sub-logic behind the effect and the problems, state of happiness, state of sorrow come across our life.
Like, something there is of course in this world which is more over abstruse. About soul, about death, about Which no one can have a caliber to be sure for that. Which by even the more & more efforts to grasp this "karma-maths" & co-relate "pure vibration of planets and according to it effect on a individual’s life". it can be possible according to our "Hindu-Jain mythology" to get an idea about future.
Sub-logic 1: not optional [compulsory]
Sometimes we think that why certain things not has to become possible? Why only I have to suffer this? Why this? Why that? Why I do not have this?
So, the reason is it can be all about time being and according to logic of our own previous "karma". It can be the outcome of "sin-karma", it can be outcome of "pious-karma". It also depends on the intensity we applied to do the work and intension behind it.[everything is co-related]
Certain things which definitely come across our life and which WE MUST ACCEPT.
There is no option to make change in it.
It can be the state of your life in which only amazingly having happiness all around with you.
It can be the state of your life where you find everywhere sorrow.. sorrow.. sorrow…defeat…defeat….defeat….and you may not be able to make certain things possible even if you work extremely hard. It’s all about time being.
"Nothing can be ever last forever".

Sub-logic 2: half-optional:
There can be a certain things that you may be able to change according to priority you set for it. So, here it is the concept of cross-road. Where you have a chance and option to drive and reach your destiny by your own 6th sence, assign to you.
Yes, according to Horoscope maths here you have a chance to realize your state of happiness by your own. If you may have some problem, you will be able to find the
reasons and can save your energy/money/mentality by getting intuitions or by the way of sign of Horoscope. Here everything is depends on the "karma" which you did up to now in your past.
Finally here early or late you will be able to get outcome of your hardwork/efforts.
"When there is a will there is a way".

Sub-logic 3: totally optional.
Here you are free and responsible for everything you do.
The attitude you have a chance to develop for your life. The criteria you decide for your self. The mentality you like to follow. Here in short there is a "BLANK SLATE" comes to you, and you are responsible to make design on it.
In sort, we are responsible here to make our own style to live our life.
Here there is confidence, faith and brain or combination of both is responsible to shape individual’s own life.
Here the chance comes to you to change your circumstances. To make possible what you decide, what you deserve. In short what your desire.[here, we say, our destiny is in our own hand.]
So, Here there is everything is by "individual’s inner voice says". Attitude / own belief works.
Well, as of I think here we have a chance to chose the partner according to co-relate our ideas/guessing/feelings etc.
We need to find someone for who we realize "Yes, my chemistry is matches with him/her". It can be early/late-love/arrange. There are no particular criteria for who you hit across the journey of your life.
Finally, both individual persons have decide to live the rest of whole life together ,so, most probably the question about nature matches, understanding comes 1st. because behind the love & feelings, adjustment and understanding comes 1st.
So, most probably everything is about "inner voice" of both.
But as a question of rest of the whole life it will be probably advisable for safety purpose that Horoscope should be match.(or else be flexible when it is required )
[but to go blindly for horoscope only even by ignoring your inner voice says ;it can be dangerous, because rest of the whole life you can be doubtful about your blind belief on horoscope.]
And if both persons think in what the way, in terms of major points of living life by cohabit at that time before taking any sure decision it will be all about time-being.
"No, one have an idea what can happen tomorrow?"
But the concept of nothing must do blindly.
Horoscope can never be more then individual’s honest inner voice. But still I like to "keep my fingers cross here".

"Shall we teach the Architect of the universe how to build?".
Someone is somewhere there is for us definitely…….It is decided from heaven??? So, The Architect of universe already made someone for us that is final….. (Relax now)
After all it is his duty when he BLESSED ON US TO BE SOMETHING DIFFERENT from most of the people...….and he even spend enough time to make her/his something special to make our pair Decent and loving!!!
What do we say?? May be he is finding me/ someone is finding you?? Who knows??? After all I am eagerly waiting for him/you are eagerly waiting for her??? Wow!!!! All the best…..
1. Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.
2. Marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.

I think Horoscope maths is true but people, who may have pure knowledge about it, are rare. The reason about my belief is my horoscope vision was wrong twice.[thank GOD that I use to with faith on hard-work & pray.] yes, 2 times it was true.
So, everything is very unpredictable.
And yes, I’m sure I never spend my time to get fight against any planet. I do not have any revenge with any planet. So, of course I can guess any planet must not have enough dare to harm my life. And if it is so, if they can harm my life, then my life is useless/worthless.
So, In my own life I have faith on my efforts and my attitude only. Yes, I have faith on
pray. Because which can never fail.
My "kundli" about my shaadi, is too good, as all astrologer says,(so, I would like to believe into this horoscope vision.)
I do always what my heart says what is true. I have faith on pray a lot rather this horoscope stuff.



Siddharth said...

hmmmmmmm....So this is your blog..
kidhu nahi pan mane khabar padi gayi...

Parikh said...

very well written and good arguements outlined.

Mudra said...

hey hiral.... i remember this article in gujarati! and those old days!! :)

hsvora said...

nice, nice and nice.

hemendra vora

BHAJMAN said...

Can you e-mail me Gujarati version of this article for my blog ?
I would like to publish it.
My e-mail: bsnanavaty@gmail.com

Mahendra Mavani said...

Nice article Hiral. Just wanted to point out, link to gujarati version is broken. Here is the working one