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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Women On Career Break

As a woman, I understand how difficult it is to manage your professional career. 80% women work force take career break for their family life balance. and most of them find it very difficult to return back to work force. Here I was finding ways to get back to work at Leeds(UK) and in India.
My general observation is in India there is very less support for such professional women who took career break. Also, if some support is there then that is limited to city like Mumbai, Pune.
In my opinion more Institution and organization should start such program. where in experienced work force can gain confidence for come back after career break.

Here few details I searched from Internet for such programs for professional women.
I will keep on adding such details here whenever I will come across such news or information.

GE India to hire women scientists after career break
More at : http://www.thaindian.com/newsportal/business/ge-india-to-hire-women-scientists-after-career-break_10070222.html#ixzz0hDfAY1r7

Tata Group’s ’Second Career’ opportunity for women
More at :http://www.business-standard.com/india/news/tata-group%20s-%20second-career%20-opportunity-for-women/316309/

Welcome to the Daphne Jackson Trust Online... UK
(The Daphne Jackson Trust enables scientists, engineers and IT specialists to return to work after career breaks )
More at : http://www.daphnejackson.org/

Women Scientists Programs -India
More at : http://dst.gov.in/scientific-programme/women-scientists.htm

felloship for science research in India for women:
More at: http://www.serc-dst.org/

Research fellowship by Indian Govt.
More at: http://www.serc-dst.org/ & http://www.serc-dst.org/new.htm

Career break from Research @Leeds University
More at: https://elgg.leeds.ac.uk/researchstaf/weblog/

Women scientist fellowship scheme- India
More at: http://www.dstwosbari.org/

Women on career break: good profile on linkedIn


BHAJMAN said...

The main reason for this is High Unemployment ratio. Which Co. will wait when there are more (unmanageably moe)applicants for a vacancy?

Hiral Shah said...

I understand high unemployment ratio. But here the guidance and support for skilled and professional women who need to take break for 2-5 years.

In this post only GE, Tata has done such successful programs. You can go through it. Indian Govt also started special phd course seats for such women.

Just because of 2-5 years break someone is not totally useless. It is difficult to come back but their demand is still there because that is the difference between “experience and non-experience”.

Here my purpose is:
1) Gather such useful details for professional women
2) Gather exp of such women who could balance both professional and personal life even after taking career break.